Entrepreneurs in China: From Colombia to Asia

Today a new adventure starts, and I have decided to share the stories of those who live and work in China. Being an entrepreneur is to dare to do something new.

Many people from other countries migrate more every day to China, seeking not only to fulfill a dream but to understand how the Asian giant has managed, in a short time, to be a leading country. Kelly Díaz, from Bogotá, Colombia, has been living in Shenzhen for almost a decade.

She began an adventure that has led her not only to learn other languages, meet people from other places but also to develop her first “Physical Education” center for children in China, with 100% Colombian talent.

She is one of the many entrepreneurs in a country that for many remains a mystery. In this video, we will explore what led Kelly to migrate to China, what her challenges have been, what her biggest obstacles are, her achievements, and what advice she has for those who, like her, seek to follow her dream in the Asian giant.

Spanish & English

Listen to her story and get inspired to chase your dreams.

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Published by Laura Cortes - Business Coach

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