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  • Crossing from Shenzhen to Hong Kong (no quarantine) — Shenzhen Guide

    Crossing from Shenzhen to Hong Kong isn’t as bad as you think, in fact it’s rather painless Enter here and follow directions I suggest you read the process yourself at First priority is you need to stay in Guangdong province for 14 consecutive days.  Without doing this you are ineligible for quarantine free crossing […]Continue…

  • It is not you, it is the Impostor Syndrome

    It’s hard to be your own biggest fan, where everyone else seems more confident than yourself and their success is simply because they are better suited for life with its challenges while not being able myself ever seem will get anywhere near what was expected from me or anyone else who has this happeningsIn someContinue…


    If you’re involved in digital marketing, then you’ve probably heard of AI in SEO. But what exactly is it? AI in SEO stands for artificial intelligence. essentially, it’s using computer algorithms to mimic human intelligence in order to carry out digital marketing tasks such as keyword research, link building, and content creation. There are aContinue…

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For every success and every win, there have been friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers behind. And, I will always be thankful for those that brought positivity into my life.